Dothan Brace Shop has been providing prosthetic limb care for over four decades. Our years of experience prepare us to provide state of the art prosthetic care along with a profound understanding of the emotions engendered by the loss of a limb. The grief and recovery associated with an amputation can be profound. The trusted relationships that develop with our patients often become lifelong. Our willingness to listen and our patience and compassion toward our patients are essential to their return to functional and productive lives. Understanding and valuing that process is essential to our prosthetic care.


We provide prostheses, initial training and support for all amputation levels for all ages and causes, including but not limited to:

Partial Foot amputations: Toe, Ray, TMA, Lisfranc, Chopart, Boyd, Symes
Below Knee (trans tibial)
Knee Disarticulation
Above Knee (trans femoral)
Hip Disarticulation
Hemi Pelvectomy (through the pelvis)
Finger amputation
Partial Hand amputations
Wrist Disarticulation
Below Elbow (trans radial)
Elbow Disarticulation
Above Elbow (trans humeral)
Shoulder Disarticulation
Intra-Scapular Thoracic (through the scapula)

Our commitment to years of continuing education has provided us the experience and training to deliver a great spectrum of devices from custom leatherwork to the very latest technology, including but not limited to:

Ossur, Flex Foot, Freedom Innovations, Springlite, College Park, Endolite, Otto Bock, Harmony &VASS, ICEROSS, and Alpha.
Electronic and external powered prostheses with multiple control systems including: C-Leg, RHEO KNEE, Plie’ Knee; Upper extremity myoelectric, switch and servo control.